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Project Management

Project Management

Professional service with the use of specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

Business Lens Ghana Limited has the ability to manage entire projects through established processes; seamless integration of service providers; proven methodologies; and the preservation of a competitive cost environment.

The team consists of experienced members, well versed in the fields of architecture, development, engineering, technology, management, and accounting. The services provided herein include strategic development planning and design, project and cost management and Development management.

We review operations and recommend updates to improve efficiencies and cut costs. This includes project assessments, building system analyses, value engineering, quality assurance and more.

Our first priority is always to understand your project needs and priorities and establish effective liaison with project partners for effective project implementation.

We provide support throughout the project process – from project formulation/documentation to land acquisition, procurement, field supervision, and to final closeout.

We understand that each project we agree to work on is unique. That’s why we always set time aside to go through your requests and expectations and include your architects, surveyor and planners prior to the start of any building project. Our expertise in project management provides all customers with a single point of contact. This significantly frees up the client’s time and facilitates a dialogue between all the parties. All elements of the project can be discussed regularly and advice can be conveyed about the project.

Our expert project management – driven by our expert surveyors, engineers, project manager, and other professionals – eventually allows for the handover to the client, providing them with a final brief and summary of all the work undertaken.