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Our Capability and E-Tech

Our Capability and E-Technology

– Our Capability

Business Lens Ghana Limited has extensive experience in its specialties and has over the years served several multinational clients, both in Ghana and Beyond. Business Lens Ghana Limited is able to implement instructions expeditiously through its highly qualified staff.

Our modern and well serviced equipment complimented by our stable financial position, rich industry knowledge and database give us the ease and ability to take on assignments, anytime.

Our works meet international standards as interpreted both by the Ghana’s authorized regulatory commission and the International Commission.

Our professional team is comprised of diverse experienced professionals, all chosen according to the skills required in the various disciplines of our operations.

– Our E - Technology

In line with our core values, we have and will continue to embrace and invest in the latest IT systems which have revolutionized our procedures in efficient management of real estate projects, property valuation and management, industry research, preparation of reports and easier communication with stakeholders.

With the new Project Management Assistive Software (PMAS), statistical software, Geographical Information System (GIS) technology and a new E-Mail communication system in place, Business Lens Ghana Limited has remarkably improved its record keeping system and data analysis processes and has, therefore, now improved its entire operational processes including: process of inspecting / assessing the physical and working conditions and predicting the future usability of properties; project supervision, multi tasks/project management, stakeholder engagement, office administration, etc. The improved process has enabled the Company to offer accurate, reliable and timely execution of project.

Our reports and understanding of market values meets international standards. We have also invested in training our staff in using many IT systems relevant to our work – and that of our clients. This involves the use of state-of-the-art computers and systems in the day to day management of our work.