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Land and Property Management

Land and Property Management

We manage both lands and landed properties. With combined know-how and experience, Business Lens Ghana Limited offers clients, who need various land service and property management supports, quality services that really meet their core needs. Our land and property management services cover the canon:

– Land and property documentation

Business Lens assists you to secure your land and other properties with the right documentation. Following the completion of any acquisitions there is often a requirement to register the transaction with the appropriate authorities including the Land Registry, and provide certain documentation. These regulatory requirements are essential to any land or property transaction and if handled incorrectly can lead to severe financial penalties or loss of property.

We undertake these regulatory submissions as part of our service ensuring that our clients do not have to concern themselves with these formalities. We advise on the requirements and costs associated with these submissions at the outset of the transaction so clients are fully informed.

Are you struggling to acquire the right documentation for your land or building, or looking to entrust your land documentation works to a reliable Company? Take no risk, act now. Business Lens Ghana Limited is there to handle all your land documentation stuff, without having to worry about long term effects. As a Company that is 100% compliant to regulations, we make sure we have pass through all the necessary processes that are required for a successful land title registration and documentation, through the appropriate authorities in Ghana.

– Acquisition and disposal of development sites and properties

From land acquisitions to development deals between landowners, house building groups and housing associations, we are able to offer a professional advice and a dedicated, client target-driven service.

Our prominent reputation throughout the country has led to our engagement in several high profile deals. These have included land acquisitions, site redevelopment and disposals including public sector transactions.

We have experience in advising large and small scale developers in the purchase of areas of land for development. We can provide guidance on any potential restrictions burdening the land, rights over the land and overage agreements, amongst other things.

We offer strategic advice and guidance on all aspects of site acquisition and disposal, including:

  • • Option agreements
  • • Conditional contracts
  • • Long and short term land acquisitions
  • • Funding arrangements
  • • Planning agreements
  • • Land exchanges

– Valuation of lands and properties

Business Lens Ghana Limited has a wealth of experience that our clients have grown to rely on over time. Our valuation team has several professional skills that prepare them for Portfolio valuation. We take on projects, of all kinds and sizes, with diplomacy while paying attention to detail.

During our valuation process, valuers analyse sales of both vacant land and improved properties, making adjustments for the added value of improvements.

We have undertaken a large number of valuation assignments to estimate the market value of fixed assets of various private and public sector companies for different purposes by adopting internationally recognized and respected valuation approaches and techniques.

The initial stage of each of our valuation activities is, to consider the purpose of the valuation, whether it is to prepare for a sale or prior to purchasing insurance or redevelopment. We carry out extensive research and advise our clients accordingly.

Our strengths are displayed in the methods we incorporate;

  • • We undertake physical inspection of properties before preparing the asset valuation report.
  • • We offer sound and professional advice to our clients regarding dilapidations and repairs based on current costs.
  • • Critical inspection of the mechanical and electrical components of the property before assessing replacement value.
  • • Partner involvement with national expertise.
  • • Preparation of coherent service and maintenance manuals for properties.
  • • Consistent reporting formats.

– Renting, Leasing and Selling of properties

We specialize in letting properties. We deal with a large portfolio of properties and can offer a wide spectrum of options to choose from.

We understand that our clients require flexibility and professionalism to secure property for business or even to relocate and we offer advice to ensure a smooth transition.

Our services include commercial and residential real estate rental, leasing and selling. We currently manage a large portfolio of first-class commercial and residential buildings with impressive locations, in and around Accra.

Facilities management

In an industry that requires careful management of physical property operations, personnel, and finances, we ensure that we have an asset plan which provides the necessary direction for successful facilities management.

Our asset plan is designed following an in-depth analysis of the property and its position in the market. It implements the client’s objectives in the property’s management.

We ensure that extensive research is done with specifics about the property and surrounding market. We focus on value retention, both for property owners and our clients and ensure optimal returns for the property. We have a team dedicated to managing the property to ensure value enhancement, and to ensure that all these aspects are in check to maintain efficiency and make certain no areas are overlooked.